BACKSTAGE Photoshoot Feb '15 a

BACKSTAGE Photoshoot  Feb '15 a

In February, after starting working with a new big local retailer, Aridon, we teamed up with a wonderful local fashion online magazine, the, operated by two best friends, Doina and Svetlana.

A new pleasant acquaintance was our photographer, Iuri Cazac, a brilliant guy with a keen sight to photography.

With Doina and Svetlana's added experience in style, and with the help of our retail partner Aridon, we created the outfits for our models, Ioana C. and Alex C., who blended in the role together perfectly.

Starting in early morning, it was an intense but fun and productive day. The team was great and everyone tended to their tasks with joy.

And everyone seemed to have a very funny and delightful day :)

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